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About Us



NC Entertainment Services

NCES brings a universe and wealth of experience and knowledge to the entertainment and event industry. NCES is known for their high energy and passion for working with couples, companies, individuals who are looking to have a fun filled night and community events. Their professionalism ensures the smooth functioning of the event and to ensure every detail is met with precision. Our company continues to take their craft to new levels whilst offering NCES couples, companies and clients an amazing yet personal service loaded with value and fun.

“Worry free event”.

NCES constantly strives to raise the bar on event hosting. Our attention to detail, sincere attitude and friendly personality make them a true pleasure to work with when planning your special celebration.
There is lots of planning that goes into executing an event. Emails, texts, calls and meetings and whatever it takes to make sure NCES has everything covered which is why our events are seamless and effortless to the clients and their guests. Our professionalism, experience, attention to detail along with our dynamic personality will not only excite your guests but also make your celebration and event memorable, long beyond your last dance. 

“Meticulous planning creates memorable event”.

NCES is an entertainment and event company whose aim is to shatter the standard of the expectations from an entertainment and event industry DJing, music, entertainment and photography have always been at the core and forefront of what we do. We take our technical expertise of special effects, music, entertainment combination is how we create the best events – Weddings, corporate, afterparties, festivals, community, formals,
We make awesome weddings for awesome people. Our music and mixes bring guests to the dance floor and keep them there. Our MCing keeps the event smooth and stress free. NCES removes the stress of your event by having a plan. Helping you make and execute that plan is one of our (many) strong suits. 

“Every event is different and unique”.

Pricing for event entertainment can vary greatly. We are a service business and although companies in our industry may have similarly titled options or offerings, if you do some homework, you will discover that there is a difference. The costs for all these services and experiences will vary from company to company and professional to professional based on the quality, experience and technology invested into each presentation.


Lorraine Cauchi 

“Go above and beyond”.

Lorraine is the co-founding director of NC Entertainment Services and boasts over 20 year’s experience as an MC, event coordinator and photographer. Lorraine is a creative multi-talented artist who is attentive, charismatic and passionate about helping people celebrate the best times of their lives.

“Personal, focused & creative”.

Lorraine enjoys working with clients and individuals directly so we can build one of a-kind celebrations that are personal and something to be remembered for a lifetime. Her focus is on you, your event details and working together to create the event YOU want. Lorraine’s chases the creative dream of her clients to breed excitement and for the clients to be the centre of attention for their event.
So whether you are celebrating a special birthday, dancing your first bridal dance, commemorating a momentous anniversary, or rolling out the red carpet – Lorraine is a talented host, coordinator and photographer that is sure to compliment your event 

“Natural and relaxed atmosphere”.

Whenever Lorraine is being a MC, she has a combination of professional yet a natural and relaxed microphone presence. This is also echoed in her photography skills capturing not only the natural beauty of her clients but also of the surrounding environment. The professionalism that Lorraine delivers is every time spot on with attention to detail and allows the guests to let loose and be themselves.


Nick Cauchi

“I like to give you the WOW factor”.

Nick is the co-founding director of NC Entertainment Services and boasts over 30 year’s experience in the DJ and Special Effects world. Since day one Nick has always thought with out of the box concepts and uses innovation in the entertainment industry to create new standards for the event entertainment world. Nick’s unique style is his ability to merge the old and new of the music world through creating unique, one of a kind songs; bringing the nightclub life to an event but also capturing the style and ambience to meet the vision of the client’s needs. His talent supersedes everyone’s expectations and it is through this where his music programming and mind blowing special effect technical skills and knowledge surpass client’s dreams of what they wanted.

"Down to earth experience”.

Nick’s passion and love for music can be attributed to the musical influences he was exposed to when he was younger. He is always pushing himself to stay on the pulse of what’s next whether it be music to media to special effects. Nick’s passion is all about creation and performance and to deliver what the clients ask for. Nick has entertained and produced events for clients across the country and the world including 20th Century Fox movies, Star Wars, City based nightclubs.
When Nick is not at his DJ Booth setting the scene for the event, he uses his free time to be with his family and also to create new songs and mixes. This is part of Nick’s passion and love of music which shines on the dance floor, where the dancing and celebration never stops 

“Passion for music; memorable moments”.

Having the nightlife background as a DJ in the entertainment industry has made Nick a seasoned professional with the ability to play any crowd or event he is selected to be part of. From weddings to teen events and everything in between, Nick Cauchi brings an extensive and well-rounded entertainment and special effects background to every event he rocks. Nick’s talent, ability and expertise in the music world are considered to be an expert at selecting, blending and scratching the music to keep the dance floor packed at all times.
The passion Nick flaunts of music and special effects is so he can provide that special touch to your next event. Ensuring your event is memorable and an experience you will be incredibly proud and knowing you made the right choice in DJ and special effects. 

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